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We here at Tortilla Soup love our customers.

We care about what they think and how we can approve our atmosphere to become the ultimate Mexican food McComb MS has to offer. for anyone who is looking for an amazing and inviting restaurant experience. We value what our customers think which is why we love to hear people’s real reviews about our fantastic food, fantastic atmosphere, and fantastic beverages made with the utmost quality ingredients and service that is sure to make anyone enjoy our atmosphere. We acknowledge that our customers love our food, beverages, and our excellent services which is why we enjoy it when people such as Skylar say:

“We love Tortilla Soup. We come every week, always good food and good service, everything is always fresh and delicious, and the best guacamole we ever have.”


Hearing reviews from real people such as this show us that we affect people in a positive manner and that we have created an environment that truly has made a difference in how people perceive a good hospitable atmosphere. We aren’t making this up! We ask all of our customers what they think about amazing Mexican food McComb MS service, such as Farah, who herself states

“Hello my name is farah, and i’m here  in Tortilla Soup McComb Mississippi, and the food here is delicious.”


These real people give us honest testimonials which helps us understand what aspects of our Restaurant here at tortillas soup makes us the best of the best in our region. Another person who absolutely enjoys our exemplary services, beverages, and food is Jennifer Johnson, who herself stated,

“Hey my name is Jennifer Johnson, and we are at Brookhaven at Tortilla Soup and I love the naked tacos.”

Jennifer Johnson

This statement shows how much our valued clients enjoy our delicious out of this world food. In the video review she Says “we’re” as in her partner Michael Johnson who said himself, 

“I’m Michael Johnson at Tortilla Soup Brookhaven Mississippi, and they have the best philly cheesesteak bowl in the world.”

Michael Johnson

Honest and genuine reviews such as those shown to us by Jennifer Johnson, and Michael Johnson show us that real people enjoy our excellent services, our amazing food, and our delicious beverages that we provide here at Tortilla Soup as the best of the best Mexican food McComb MS has. Reviews such as these are super important to us because as people, we love seeing what other people think of a place through the most honest and genuine way possible. informative reviews such as this are important to us too, it helps show how great Tortilla Soup where life tastes good actually is. Honest Reviews help us at Tortilla Soup where life tastes good accurately gauge what real and genuine people think about our Amazing and speedy service, our Delicious and high quality food, and our tasty Drinks. Many of our valued customers give us much needed and honest reviews showing us how Amazing Tortilla soup where life tastes good actually is, such as James. James states

“My name is James, I’m at brookhaven Mississippi at Tortilla Soup and we love it we’re here all the time, we love the place.”


James is a regular who shows us how much he enjoys our services here at Tortilla Soup where life tastes good, honest and genuine real reviews such as james’ show us the love and support the people of Mississippi and surrounding areas actually have to offer, and help us create an atmosphere worth giving a try. We here at Tortilla Soup understand the importance of real reviews written by real people to understand how a location’s atmosphere, service, and quality is, which is why we ask every customer to leave a review so that others may understand how outstanding Tortilla  Soup where life tastes good actually is. We absolutely love what our clients and beloved customers have to say about our amazing service, and food, and beverages at Tortilla Soup. One such case is with John Gurdy, John Gurdy said

“I’m John Gurdy, I’m at Tortilla Soup Brookhaven and I love it.”

John Gurdy

The real love that is shown by our loyal clients are why we strive to make the best Mexican food McComb MS experience ever known to man, we cannot put a price on the importance of real Reviews made by people from all around who Love Tortilla Soup where life tastes good at both the McComb and Brookhaven Locations. An unknown lady who’s name I didn’t  catch told me that she:

“loves Tortilla Soup, the drinks are awesome, and the waitresses make me feel like their number one priority, we come here twice a week and that’s not enough.”

WOW, What an amazing feat, Tortilla soup is truly something That Saul Mendoza and his family take pride in due to all of the heartfelt and real reviews made by real people that show how much of an impact Tortilla Soup where life tastes good actually made to our clients life. We highly encourage our clients to leave us a review so that we may accurately assess how people feel about our McComb and Brookhaven locations. We have had a review in which he stated “Hey, we are at Tortilla Soup, and it’s a party over here, it’s crazy over here, y’all should come down it’s popping off.” What an astounding Review, it shows me how fun our atmosphere here at Tortilla Soup where life tastes good actually is. I believe it to be absolutely incredible for anyone of any race, creed, age, or religion to give us some insight on our Brookhaven and McComb locations and how much they have enjoyed our amazing service, our delectable and high quality food, and our delicious quenching Beverages, such as our margaritas made with 100% agave tequila. Here at Tortilla Soup We strongly encourage you to voice your opinion and let us know how much you have enjoyed our fun and friendly atmosphere at both our Brookhaven, and McComb locations, so that others may also see our impact and goal as a Family Restaurant. We take pride in being the number one Mexican food McComb MS has!

The reason that we love getting reviews is because we understand that people love to see real reviews, from real people, about real FANTASTIC food.

We know that our customers love us and our food and drink because we ask them! We know for a fact that Tortilla Soup is the best Mexican Food McComb MS has to offer! Our drinks are almost nationally renowned and our food is as well.

We didn’t just make that up, we know it! Again, that is because we ask all our customers what they think about us!  We have had absolutely nothing but positive feedback from our customers.