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Mexican Restaurant in Mississippi

Hello! Thank you so much for being interested in Tortilla Soup! You will be able to find information about our McComb and Brookhaven restaurants so feel free to go and enjoy some of the best food around! If you are not too familiar with us, check out some media to get a feel for Tortilla Soups style!
Best Tex – Mex food, Best Margaritas, Best Fajitas in Mississippi

Saul Mendoza and his wife Blanca Esthela Mendoza, are the founders of Tortilla Soup, the best Mexican food McComb MS has to offer. Saul has had experience in the food industry spanning over 40 years. His Grandmother always says everyone wants to cook well, but not many want to make the sacrifices it takes to cook a GREAT meal. Most people are looking to cook a good meal only one time, but it takes thousands of times to make a GREAT dish, this is something we noticed in 2008, which is when the restaurant idea came up. In our heads, we came to the conclusion that the only way is to cook our meals with lots of experience with no mistakes and plenty of love.

With that in mind he spoke with Fernando Chavez who has several restaurants in Florida. They arranged a meeting and the ultimate partnership was created to focus on hospitality, to make life taste good, cooking outstanding food with love in order to make our guests say “Wow,” and helping our community in various “Give Back” events or fundraisers. As the greatest Mexican food McComb MS, we will not only promise, but over deliver every time.

Are you looking for a memorable experience, rather than just a regular food service? At Tortilla Soup where life tastes good, we provide to our guests the best hospitality available and our food is 100% daily fresh made with top quality ingredients that we get when they have from our local community and sustainable as much as we can get. Then we can cook them with love to provide your life tasting good in a happy atmosphere. That is what makes us different from the average restaurant or regular dining experience. That is why we call ourselves providers of hospitality , not just average service.

Our Mexican food McComb MS restaurant is located at 201 Anna Drive just across the street from Golden Corral and in the corner with Pizza Hut, just a few steps from FitLife SportsPlex Fitness Center. You just have to take the Delaware exit and the first street on your right is Anna Drive street. To make your life taste better and bring more happiness to you and your family, we built the only restaurant with a focus on hospitality, happiness, and great quality food. We serve with great pleasure so that you don’t have to worry about anything when you enter our facility. With an urban modern Mexican decor that feels like we combine a grandmother house, your social networking sports bar, and unique dining experience all into one, you will love it.

When we founded Tortilla Soup, where life tastes good, it was our mission to become the best Mexican food McComb MS had to offer. we had our guests in our mind. As a guest we recognize that we have to eat food daily, but service or regular food you can get from anywhere, but hospitality. Who provides a memorable experience with a happy and friendly faces serving your first class quality meals, that way you don’t have to worry about, what food ingredients your food has, how many calories, or expend your free time, shopping groceries, then putting them in your refrigerator  and spend and waste hours of your precious time making your meals, life is only a one time precious resource that you will never get back. And we know that it’s why in our restaurants at Tortilla Soup, recognize the reason that most of the people are putting off or ordering from delivery companies like uber eats, door das, apple eats, because we understand that its a service that you can get anywhere but a memorable dining experience that makes your life taste good we are unique.

And there are so many reasons for you to come out and see us. No hard-working man or women, nor any human being likes to eat from plastic, hard setting chairs with loud music, a dirty restaurant, low quality food, and unfriendly servers. No one wants to eat at a Mexican Food McComb MS restaurant where nobody knows the manager or owners, and has to wait thirty minutes or more for your drink order or food. That’s why we design our Tortilla Soup restaurant to give you personalized tailored dining experience that the whole family loves, as a family dining facility we pride ourselves on minimizing or completely eliminating any hard time or hassle you would typically spend waiting guessing, what kind of food you’ll get the service to our guests outstanding food to create a vibe that intentionally family centric with fiesta-party well tuned music, friendly happy, and knowledgeable serving faces and up beat.

The co founder of Tortilla Soup where life tastes good Saul Mendoza and his golden team of collaborators, Sonia, Adan, and his whole family, his beautiful wife blanca Esthela his 3 kids Alehtse, Joshmar, and Esaul Gamaliel has curated and chosen each song that is played in our Anna Drive Mccomb store as well as any store in the county or state. When you actually sit down to get your dining memorable experience you will be surrounded by a large TV that always shows sports. At our Mexican food McComb MS establishment, our specialists will then work with you to determine what food are you in the mood for and what works with your diet. Because your health and happiness are important to us, just let us know if you need a low calorie food, special dieting, etcetera. In order to get the perfect meal because we have great food and great service, because you deserve the best of the best, or in other words that my grandmother used to say the only one you don’t have to serve the best you have to server the only meal on their life experience, WOW in order for life is beautiful like saul always says, we will engage you in a positive conversation or leave you alone to enjoy your meal, margarita bar cocktail watching your favorite team or just seating and relaxing at our happy place, or partying and listening to music, it’s all up to you.