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If you’re searching for the best Mexican food McComb MS has to offer, then tortilla soup is where you need to consider going. We have a wide selection for any appetite whenever you visit tortilla soup and you will surely love a reaction that we have available. After you’ve tried all three soups, then you can move onto the side. If you’re looking for a soup and salad combo, these would make a great pair so we will go through all the salads we have available on our absolutely incredible and very large menu.

You’re searching for the best Mexican food McComb MS has to offer anywhere other than tortilla soup. The salads start with a taco salad offering. The taco salad comes in the fried tortilla shell and then you get your choice of whether you want to fill it with ground sirloin or shredded chicken. We wanna provide as many options as possible for people that there’s a tortilla soup, that is why we make this short taco salad customizable. Want to slow to the ground, sirloin and shredded chicken, you can rest assured that your side will come with lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

You can continue looking for the best Mexican food McComb MS has the offer, but if you’ve gone to this website and you’ve already found it. That is because tortilla soup is your premier option for any and all Mexican food in Mississippi. Once you’ve tried the taco salad, You can move onto the next selection. But not before you’ve tried it with adding steak or shrimp or grilled chicken for an additional charge. Once you’ve tried every combination of taco salad, then you can try the next one on your next visit to tortilla soup.

We have more options than just one salad, we have three additional salads for you to try. The next option that you should do, it would be a grilled chicken, Caesar salad. This is flame grilled chicken, that means that we grill the chicken over the flame so it tastes amazing. We are in a Fresh Room and let us, and then we always talk this out with croutons and Parmesan cheese. This is just $12.97 but comes with an additional charge of four dollars if you’d like to add steak or grilled shrimp. You should try all these combinations before you choose which one you like the best.

Visit www.tortillasoup.com or call 601-684-4450 to speak to her from the customer service representative today. If you have any questions or are trying to schedule reservations, we would be happy to take your call. If you have any questions about our menu, be sure to ask us as well. We went to prepare a representative to answer as many questions as possible, so we look forward to your call. At the end of the day, you can ever replace the environment where you’ll get a tortilla soup. We recommend that you dine in and make that move as quickly as possible.

Mexican food McComb MS | we got avocados

If you’re searching for the best Mexican food McComb MS has to offer than tortilla soup is that choice. After you have tried the flame grilled chicken salad, then you can move onto the avocado salad. So if you’re looking for something a little lighter, we recommend this tasty option. This is a mixed salad with fresh greens and of course avocados. After we were out of avocados, then we went in and added the tomatoes, the cucumbers and the red onions. This is equally delicious and healthy so we recommend you try this food for $9.97 but you also have the option of adding steak or shrimp or grilled chicken as you do with the other salads as well.

For the most amazing Mexican food McComb MS has to offer a visit to tortilla soup. After you try the avocado side we still have one amazing incredible tasting salad left for you to try. We have a Cabo spinach salad. The Cabo Spanish sound comes with fajita chicken along with some grilled peppers and cheese. After we had added the cheese with avocados and tomatoes to add, and of course we topped off with some fiesta corn. We ate a bit of fresh mixed salad greens and cucumbers. The salad is $13.97 and you have the option of adding steak or shrimp for an additional four dollars.

If you’re on the lookout for the best Mexican food McComb MS has the offer you might as well choose tortilla soup. Whenever you make a choice for tortilla soup, you are getting a choice for the best food in the best customer service you can find anywhere. We have some amazing options for you and prince proof of this we recommend you take a look at our advertiser section. We have a great variety of appetizers because we will be able to accommodate as many guests as possible, that is why we strive to provide so many tasty options whenever you come into tortilla soup.

The first option you’ll see on the appetizer section is the grande nachos or fries. Going with your theme of multiple options. You can substitute your typical nacho chips with fries but keeping the same. Great toppings on those fries. The toppings include some melted cheese along with cheese sauce because we wanna double down on cheese. You can also choose between ground sirloin or shredded chicken along with some lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, and then we can include jalapeños on the side. So after you’ve chosen the sauces and meats, you can choose whether you want this on chips or if you want these on fries.

Visit www.tortillasoup.com or call 601-684-4450 today. We are ready and standing by for your call. You always speak to you from the customer service representative. Will you help you and get you on your way to the Premier Mexican dining experience. While you’re waiting, we recommend you take a look at some of the testimonials that we have on our website to see what other people had to say about tortilla soup. We guarantee that you will love eating tortilla soup and you’ll love this being a tortilla soup because we work on providing a great environment.