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If you were looking for the best Mexican food McComb MS has the offer then tortilla soup is Shirley that option. It is because we have an amazing staff, and a very large menu that is sure to be able to accommodate any number of different appetites. As proof of this, we recommend that you go to the appetizer menu to see all the options that we have available. We previously discussed how you have numerous options with grande nachos or fries because you can swap meat out and you can chat swap of chips out with fries. From there you can choose to add on grilled or fried chicken or even sticker shop.

If you are searching for the best Mexican food McComb MS has the offer then tortilla soup is that choice for you. After you’ve tried the grande nachos and the fries, both, we recommend that you try the Mexican pizza. This Mexican pizza is absolutely incredible. It is ground beef or shredded chicken, and then you can get refried beans and a sandwich between two extremely crispy tortillas. From there, we will top it off with tomatoes, cilantro, fiesta, corn, Jalapeños and shredded cheese. This is just $13.97 and for most of our appetizers, you can swap out the meat, choosing between steak or shrimp and even grilled chicken.

If you were looking for the best Mexican food McComb MS has the offer, then you might as well choose tortilla soup for your Mexican dining experience. After you’ve tried the Mexican food, we recommend you try our queso funDido chorizo. This is all the goodness of a typical cheese sauce, but we mix in that classic chorizo taste. We also include a side of pico de gallo with that and we also give you crispy tortillas, in particular we choose the flour tortillas. This is only $10.97 and is a great addition to any meal, so we recommend getting this before your dinner.

After you try the case, if I need a chorizo, then you can move onto the chipotle flautas. We switch it up from the flour tortillas to the corn tortillas on this one. We roll them up, we fry them, and then we stop at the shredded beef or shredded chicken. You were able to chew shredded beef or shredded chicken whatever you ordered. We will serve this with sour cream, pico de gallo, and some lettuce. We also include guacamole and even a side of chipotle sauce, whenever you order these tasty treats.

Visit www.tortillasoup.com or call 601-684-4450 today. The best part about calling us, you can rest assured that you always speak to a friendly customer service representative that is prepared to answer any and all questions that you have for us. We pride ourselves on what we do, and we pride ourselves on providing a great customer service experience. In addition to providing great food, you can rest assured that you have a great experience whenever you visit tortilla soup.

Mexican food McComb MS | highly rated and reviewed

If you’re searching for the best Mexican food McComb MS has to offer the congratulations you have found it. If you found a way to this website, you were already looking at the highest rated and most reviewed dining Mexican Danni experience in the Mississippi area. Don’t take our word for it, check out the testimonials page and see what other people had to say about their Danni experience at tortilla soup. Then you can come and try first hand the best food anywhere around.

If you are searching for the best Mexican food McComb MS has the offer then you might as well. Check out tortilla soup. We have absolutely incredible appetizers that we are dying for you to try. If you’ve already tried the grande nachos, the Mexican pizza, the queso, chorizo, the chipotle flautas then you can rest assured that there is still more for you to try. We also have a supreme bean dip and this is just $8.97. This includes all the classic ingredients that you would expect on a supreme dish, with some absolutely tasty tortilla soup beans.

If you are on the lookout for the best Mexican food McComb MS has offered then tortilla soup is the best option for you. Have you tried that supreme Bean dip, be sure to let us know how it tasted. It’s just $8.97 and tastes absolutely credible. If you were looking for something a little different then you can also try our chicken tenders. The chicken tenders are very incredible and they are made with tender love and care. You get tenders for just $8.97 so it is hard to beat this deal. We recommend you try these in order before your main course comes out.

These tenders can be tossed in any variety of different sauces. We have eight sauces free to choose from, and we will serve them with french fries. So if you’re looking for something sweet, be sure to combine it with her honey barbecue sauce. If you need something a little spicier, we also have a sweet fire or a buffalo sauce. If you want a little bit of both, you can try the honey jalapeño sauce and the mango habanero sauce. From there we also have a lemon pepper or juju seasoning that you can try with these amazing and tasty chicken tenders.

Visit www.tortillasoup.com or call 601-684-4450 today. Whenever you do that you will always speak to someone who is ready to answer any other questions that you have. We wanna train our staff as thoroughly as possible so they are prepared to answer any questions that you have. Once you have gotten all of your questions answered, the only thing left to do is experience tortilla soup, first hand for yourself. Be sure to join us for an in person dining experience so you can see how awesome the tortilla soup environment is. We know that you will love the experience so much that you invite your friends and family members the next time you decide to go, we are looking forward to it and can’t wait to see you there.