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If you are searching for the best Mexican food McComb MS has more to offer than tortilla soup. Is that an option for you? After you’ve tried every single flavor that we have available on the chicken tenders, then you can move onto the southwest eggrolls. If you haven’t tried every single flavor of chicken that we have, you absolutely have to go back and try them. You haven’t had a full chicken tender experience unless you’ve tried every single flavor. Be sure to ask your waiter if you can choose four different flavors with your four different chicken tenders whenever you order them.

If you’re searching for the best Mexican food McComb MS has to offer them tortilla soup. Has exactly what you need. And in addition to those incredible chicken tenders that we’ve been talking about, we also have southwest eggrolls. You get six southwest eggrolls with every order and then you can choose what dip that goes with them. Whenever you choose Southwest eggrolls, prepare yourself to get six wedged egg rolls that have a special blend of chicken and more. Every single southwest eggroll also includes spinach, black bean and fiesta corn that has been bundled with that chicken, and then their hand rolls and serve the side of ranch or sweet fire sauce.

If you’re on the lookout for the most amazing Mexican food McComb MS has to offer, then tortilla soup is that option for you. After you’ve tried the southwestern eggrolls with a side of ranch, be sure to re-order them with a side of sweet fire sauce as well so you can get both options. From there we have our basic guacamole and cheese dip, because of course what Mexican food experience would be complete without cheese dip. The guacamole is only $9.97 and the cheese dip is even more affordable and just $8.97.

By now you’ve probably gone through all the appetizer options available, so be sure that you experience every single one of the Stacy options. After that you’ll see the next section on our menu is the sides. So if you’re looking to get sides on their own, we can accommodate that. Let’s say if you were wanting to order an appetizer as your main meal, but want to add some sides to it you can absolutely do that. We have 11 different side options, so you will likely find something that you like.

Visit www.tortillasoup.com or call 601-684-4450 to speak to one of us today. What do you have questions or wanna ask about catering options? We would be happy to take your call. We look forward to any and all calls to come our way and we diligently train staff to be able to handle all the calls and answer questions as early as possible. At the end of the day, we want you to find out why we are the highest rated and most viewed Mexican restaurant in the area, whenever you join us, you will surely find that to be the case.

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If you’re looking for the best Mexican food McComb MS has more to offer than tortilla soup. Is that an option for you? Part of what makes tortilla soup great is the environment itself. We diligently train our staff to provide an upbeat and positive environment when people are at the restaurant. Addition to that, we also have a great variety of food and a high quality of food. She will give me options to choose from, but any option you do choose will be incredible. We look forward to experiencing every single one of these options when you ever stop and tortilla soup.

If you’re on the lookout for the best Mexican food McComb MS has the offer of tortilla soup Has to be the option for you. Because of the variety that we have, each experience that you have it, tortilla soup can look slightly different. One thing that people have to do is order appetizers as their meal, and then add sides to it, we have over 11 side options available for you to choose from you can add on to any other existing meal. That means in addition to the great environment, you can rest, assured that you will find something you like with all the options that we have available.

If you’re searching for the best Mexican food McComb MS has the offer then tortilla soup is a great choice for you. Whenever you look at those sides, you’ll see what options we have available for you. The first thing that will stick out of the curly fries, so if you don’t like regular fries because of the shape, the curly fries will be a great option for you. These are $3.97 as are the regular fries. If you’re looking for a little extra flavor and you like that juju seasoning you can get juju fries for just $3.87 as well. If you’re craving something slightly healthier but still like that fry crunch, you can also get sweet potato fries for an additional dollar so those come out just for dollars and $.87.

After you’ve tried all four different types of fries then you can move on to the fiesta corn, this is three dollars and 87 cm a great addition to any other food that you get. You can also get plain rice for just $3.47 and a side of refried beans for the same price. You can add a guacamole salad to any discharges $3.87 and then we still have three other side options remaining. After that you can get skillet potatoes, steamed vegetable medley, or small rice and beans combo together for just under five dollars.

Visit www.tortillasoup.com or call 601-684-4450 today. We are ready and standing by to provide you with a great Mexican dining experience. So don’t wait too long, we are the highest rated endless. Reviewed restaurants for a reason, so don’t wait before seats fill up too fast. We have a great variety, we have great food and it all comes with a great price, so we want you to experience tortilla soup as soon as possible.