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If you find yourself in search of the best Mexican food, Brookhaven has the offer then we assure that tortilla soup is that choice for you. We offer incredible value, but also incredible food at the same time. You, we guarantee that you will love tortilla soup so much that you want to keep coming back. We have so many amazing tacos available, we have the queso Pollo tacos as well. The queso Pollo taco and come fried or grilled, but we always include the cheese sauce. We serve it with pico de gallo and pop sauce as well. So this gives you cheese and chicken and one simple serving. We guarantee that the queso Pollo taco will be incredible, we had to recommend that you try it.

If you were in search of the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has the offer and check out tortilla soup. Whenever you check out tortillas,MS You can rest assured that we have two locations. So in addition to Brookhaven, we also have Macomb. We guarantee that you will like both locations, as we only hire the best and we diligently trainer was a great experience every single time. We have some great testimonies on our website as proof of this, so go ahead and be sure to check out some of those testimonials that other clients have decided to leave. Who knows, you may offer a testimony of yourself, by the time you’re done with tortillas.

If you are in search of the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has to offer then we guarantee that you will absolutely love tortilla soup. In addition to a great environment, we also have incredible food. We have incredible food at eight affordable prices as well, so you are guaranteed to love everything that tortilla soup has to offer. We’ve already talked about the queso taco, but we also have a Baja fish taco. If you like the seafood tacos, then the Baja fish taco is the best often for you. Whenever we do Baja fish taco, that comes with an Atlantic whitefish that has been fried or grilled for your choosing. We served it on a flour tortilla along with cabbage. We include a sauce, jalapeños and tortilla cheese, so we guarantee that you will love this Baja fish taco.

There are so many options for you to try at tortilla soup, that we guarantee you will find something you enjoy. Go ahead and make us a top priority for your weekend plans. Be sure to bring friends of family members as well, as you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Visit www.tortillasoup.com or give us a call 601-990-2166 today. We have a Facebook and Instagram page, if you’d like to check out some of the photos of her food. We have amazing photos or food, because our food is amazing. What is even better, customer service experience. We guarantee that you have a great experience every time. There’s a highest rating in the area, and we want you to find out why that is the case first hand.

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If you were looking for the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has to offer the tryout tortilla soup. We guarantee you love tortilla soup so much that you wanna keep coming back in the future. That tortilla soup offers the best value for what you can buy. We offer a great customer service experience, we offer great food, and we offer all that with a high energy environment. We are willing to give you your first margarita or cheese dip for absolutely free, because we want you to be able to experience tortilla soup.

If you search for Mexican food, Brookhaven has the offer to check out tortilla soup. Whenever you check out soup, you will see that we have a massive venue. We have talked briefly about Baja fish taco, but we also have the bang bang shrimp taco. Whenever you get the bang bang shrimp taco, you are getting fried or grilled shrimp along with some cheese and cabbage. We include jalapeños as well as chipotle sauce as well, this is incredibly affordable at under seven dollars. We recommend that you absolutely have to try the bang bang shrimp taco at some point, so if you haven’t, be sure to stop back into soup and try it.

The best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has to offer is tortilla soup. We have reviewed the Baja fish tacos, as well as the bang bang shrimp taco, if you were wanting to go with a little more red meat instead of seafood, rest assured that the honey lime steak taco is for you. It is a steak taco that has been marinated with mango habanero sauce and topped with cabbage. We served that all with some avocado cream and fresh cilantro, just like our other taco options, this is below seven dollars.

We have so many amazing tacos, you have to try them all. The Baja fish taco, we have the bang, bang, shrimp, tacos, we have the honey lime, steak, tacos, and we aren’t even close then. The next taco that we have available is the smokehouse taco. This is a blend of tender barbecue pork butt as well as some shoulder that is smothered and our sweet and spicy barbecue recipe for an absolutely incredible taste. we wanna give a little southern flour, because after all we are in Mississippi. This taco is under six dollars, so it’s even cheaper than tacos.

You are ready to get tortilla soup, all you have to do is www.tortillasoup.com or at 601-990-2166 for our Brookhaven location. We also have a phone number listed for Macomb location, so no matter what, you’ll be able to get a hold of a customer service representative. We diligently train every representative, so they should be able to answer all of your questions. We are excited to hear from you, so go ahead and schedule your weekend plans, so you can begin experiencing incredible Mexican food. we are excited to hear from you, go ahead and give us all the options, but the best way to experience tortilla soup is in person.