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You were into the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has to offer then we assure you that tortilla soup is your best choice. The next taco that we are talking about is the taco Pastor. This is marinated shredded pork. We include that and marinate in the adobo sauce as well as grilled pineapples. This is the typical pork taco experience if you were looking for a great Mexican food option. We serve that with cilantro, onions, and tomatillo sauce, and just like our smokehouse taco, this is under six bucks. This is an incredibly affordable option for a lot of flavor, so if you were looking for something that that is the case with, go ahead and order the tacos, Pastor.

If you find yourself in search of the best Mexican food Brookhaven has to offer then, the tortilla soup is unbeatable. We offer great food, a great environment. You will find better value than tortilla soup. The next taco that we are talking about is the balls of fire taco. This is similar to the taco Al Pastor that is poor, but we marinate it in our homemade fiery sauce. We serve all of this with onions, cilantro, and tomatillo sauce, so this is very similar to our tacos, we guarantee you’ll like this option, so be sure to order this next time you visit tortilla soup.

The most incredible Mexican food Brookhaven MS has to offer is and always will be at tortilla soup. Tortilla soup you get the best of everything. We even have fajita tacos as well, because tacos and fajitas are good, but nothing beats good fajita taco. We give you your choice of steak, grilled chicken or pork. We sauté all that together with some onions, and green bell peppers. We include shredded cheese, because you need cheese and everything. and then from there, we also serve with avocado cream sauce, just like our other taco options, this is under six dollars.

Now you can have some incredible options, you will find something no matter what your taste buds tell you, that is tortilla soup, we strive to accommodate as many people as possible. We wanna make sure that every single person that visits our restaurant has a great time, and that is even the people that don’t like Mexican food. We are confident that you will have a good time at tortilla soup, so go ahead and plan a weekend trip to see us. You can see the testimonies on our website to see what other people had to say about their dining experience.

Visit www.tortillasoup.com or at 601-990-2166 today. Facebook and Instagram page as well, that should give you an idea of what the food looks like. We have some amazing pictures on there, but we are always wanting to add more. If you want to take a picture of your food, we would love to see it. You will not be able to see on Facebook and Instagram how amazing the environment is, so go ahead and stop in to see that firsthand. There’s a reason where the highest rated emoji reviewed, we are confident you will see that whenever you visit us.

Mexican food Brookhaven MS | jalapeno enchilada

The Mexican food Brookhaven MS has the offer is only at tortilla soup. In tortilla soup, we have so many amazing tacos, and the last taco that we haven’t reviewed yet is the ground beef/shredded chicken taco. This will give you your choice of, you guess ground beef or shredded chicken. We had lettuce cheese and diced tomatoes, to give you the typical taco. This is just four dollars, so you can order two or three if you want to. The ground beef flash breaded chicken taco is a staple of the Mexican food that we offer at a restaurant. You absolutely need to try this, we guarantee that you will love it and then you can invite your friends and members as well.

If you are in the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has the offer then we assure you that tortilla soup offers that for you. We offer some great value, and we can’t wait for you to try it. We reviewed all the tacos that we have available, the next section on the menu is the soup section. We wouldn’t exactly be tortilla soup, if we didn’t have some soup options available. The first soup that we have available is, you guess tortilla soup. This is a Mexican classic, we can buy traditional flavors and textures, along with chilies, tomatoes, and sliced avocados. A bowl is just $7.99 and you can add shredded chicken for just two dollars. The tortilla soup is a dish that you absolutely have to try whenever you visit us, after all it is named after our restaurant.

If you are trying to find the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has the tortilla tortilla soup, we have some incredible food. We have just talked about our tortilla soup that we have available, but we also have three other soups available. The next one is the bean soup. The Charro bean soup, combined Charro beans and a Mexican style soup. We also add pinto beans, and submerge them in a broth for chorizo. We include bacon and American sausages, just like tortilla soup, this is under eight dollars, so you have to try it whenever you stop in.

If you are unsure where to get started, just stop on it. Our friendly staff can help you with your order, if you’re stuck, we highly recommend that you at least try the tortilla soup while you are here. What you will not be able to see is the incredible energy that we have in the building. We know that you love the environment, that is why you need to experience it first hand. We guarantee you love tortilla soup, and you will want to keep coming back, after you’ve tried it one time.

For more information visit www.tortillasoup.com or give us a call at 601-990-2166 today. Again, we are really looking forward to you, we are confident that you will love the experience of tortilla soup. So go ahead and a great Mexican restaurant, go ahead and schedule your plans as quickly as possible. You will find a Mexican restaurant in the area, we are confident of this.