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If you were looking for the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has more available than tortilla. Soup is exactly what you need. Whenever you try tortilla soup, you are getting the best of everything. You were gonna get the best food, the best customer service, and everything else in between. For the moment you walk in the door, we want to treat you like you deserve to be treated. You are a valued customer, and you’ll see that every time you step in our door. The next thing that we have after a shrimp cocktail is the ceviche. Just like the shrimp cocktail, this is market price as well. This includes boiled shrimp that has been chopped into some Mexican spices. We also throw in pico de gallo and lime juice as well. We serve them with three tostadas and avocado slices so you can take those tostadas and dip them into the ceviche. This is also $21, but as previously stated it is market price, so prices may vary on occasion.

If you find yourself in search of the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has the offer of tortilla soup or two. Whenever you come across tortilla soup, you will know that we are among the highest rated most reviewed restaurants in the area. There’s a reason for that, you will absolutely love the food that you get at tortilla soup, and you also love the customer service that you get as well.

The Mexican food Brookhaven MS has available and always will be tortilla soup. Whenever you come to tortilla soup, you will immediately notice the difference from your typical Mexican restaurant. We pride ourselves on great customer service and taking care of the customer first and foremost. You will always get that assurance whenever you visit tortilla soup, so come on in and give us a try.

We are excited for you to try tortilla soup for the first time, and we cannot wait to give you a free margarita for coming in. We know you, and we are confident that we look forward to seeing you, so be sure to invite your friends and family members as well. We know you have a great time whenever you visit tortas, and we are confident in that. We are excited, and cannot wait to offer free margarita or free cheese dip with your visit

to get started visit www.tortillasoup.com at 601-990-2166 today. Whenever you do that, you’ll speak to a well-trained professional. We wanna make sure that every aspect of our business as well as trying with great hires. That means whether you’re talking to us on the phone or talk in person, you will always be graded by a friendly customer service rep who can help you with everything you need. The best way to experience tortilla soup firsthand is to stop in, so go ahead and give us a try, we guarantee you will not regret your decision. We are looking forward to seeing you today, so go ahead and make a trip into tortilla soup your priority.

Mexican food Brookhaven MS | impressive seafood available

If you find yourself in search of the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has the offer then you have surely come across tortilla soup a time or two. We are excited to give you all the information about our seafood menu. We have already talked about the ceviche and the shrimp that we have available. Also available is the mahi-mahi Beanville. This includes grilled mahi-mahi that we top with Cassera sauce. We also throw in grilled shrimp as well spinach and even mushrooms. We serve it all over a rice and steamed vegetables bed. This comes at an affordable price of $22, but as with most of our seafood options, it is market price, so we will let you know if the price changes on the day you visit.

Best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has always always will be tortilla soup. The option that is on our seafood menu that is not market. Price is the grilled Diablo shrimp. This gets you 11 grilled shrimp that we tossed in the Diablo sauce. We serve it all with garlic toast and rice as well as some steam vegetables. This comes to the affordable price of just $20, because it’s not market price, it will not vary. We are excited for you to try the grilled Diablo shrimp, then you can tell us what you think via video review, you can see all the video reviews that we have on our website and you can join them.

If you’re seeking the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has the offer then check out everything that we have to offer tortilla soup. We’ve already reviewed pretty much the entire menu, the only thing that’s left. The drinks. All of our drinks are three dollars and you can choose from Coke or Diet Coke as well as Coke zero. We also have sprite and we have a little bit of Dr Pepper as well. If you are seeking something not carbonated, you can choose from our pink lemonade and our sweet and unsweet tea options. The last thing we have available is root beer as well, so if you’re looking for something pretty sweet, then root beer should be a good choice for you.

We know that you will love it with tortilla soup, and we cannot wait for you to join us. Whenever you visit tortilla soup, you’ll be taken care of through every step of the process. From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave, you are gonna feel like family tortilla soup. We started tortilla soup, because we wanted to give Mississippi a high-quality option for Mexican food in the area, you get that with tortilla soup and more.

If you see more information or you can do is visit www.tortillasoup.com or call at 601990 2166 today. We are excited for you to see everything that is tortilla soup, we guarantee you will have a great time whenever you visit us. Go ahead and make it your priority. We know you will absolutely love it, so come in and get your free margarita or cheese dip and then begin experiencing great Mexican food that you have never experienced before.