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Mexican food Brookhaven MS has always. Will you try the fajitas that we have available? We also have a light menu. We offer this light menu, because some people like to keep a light. Perhaps you have a large group of people, we wanna make sure that they have a healthy option if they so choose. That is why we offer this light menu, because we want to be able to accommodate so many different people. The first option on our light menu is the wheat chips. This isn’t really too much to explain. This is chips that are made from wheat. The chips are just four bucks and people find this to be a really good option if they are trying to keep it on the side.

For Mexican food, Brookhaven Mall tortilla soup that we have has a light menu. That light menu includes but is not limited to wheat chips. The next option is the tacos. This is tacos without the carbs. We replaced the tortillas with lettuce wraps, but we filled it with sautéed fajita chicken as well as shredded cheese and pico de gallo. We served this with steam vegetables so that we can once again avoid the carbs. You can add additional grilled Mexican food Brookhaven MS shrimp steak for four dollars, but the tacos are 13.

If you were searching for the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has definitely heard about reviewing the menu. We’ve already talked about the chips and the naked tacos that we have available, but the next option is gonna be the Philly cheesesteak bowl. Whenever you get the Philly cheesesteak bowl you’re gonna get chop steak along with provolone cheese that has been melted. We can buy all that with sauté bell peppers as well as onions and even mushrooms all in a bowl form. We serve it with sweet potato fries and it is only $12. You were gonna love this option, we can’t wait for you to try it.

If you are looking for a great Mexican restaurant at an affordable price, you need to consider tortilla soup. Whenever you check out tortilla soup, you are going to get a lot of things here. There are so many different options. We are confident that we can accommodate any appetite available. It does not matter what you were wanting, we will find something that will fit your budget and your appetite.

Visit Www.tortillasoup.com or call 601-990-2166. Whenever you do that, you speak to someone who is prepared to answer all the questions that you have. We are excited to accommodate all of Mississippi, and your experience will be no different. Every time you walk in our door, we want you to feel welcome. We want everything from the time you walk into the door to the time that you pay the check and leave to be an optimum experience. With us week you can guarantee that will be a thing, we take pride and customer service, and your visit up to our building will be no different..

Mexican food Brookhaven MS | cilantro and beans

If you find the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has the offer and you will definitely come across tortilla soup a time or two. We are looking forward to seeing you at tortilla soup, so go ahead and stop in and make us a priority. We have been reviewing our light menu, so we are going to keep doing that. Just a quick recap, we’ve already already talked about wheat chips, naked tacos, and our Philly cheesesteak bowl, but we also have five other options available if you were looking to keep things on the late side for lunch or dinner. We can accommodate more and more people.

If you were trying to find the Mexican food Brookhaven MS has available then you will definitely stumble across tortilla soup. Tortilla soup, you have the grilled fish option on the light menu as well. This is grilled Atlantic whitefish served in filet form. We wanna serve it with steam vegetables so you can cut down on the carbs and along with the house salad. This is affordable as much as it is light, just $16. We are excited for you to try the grilled fish, so if you want seafood, we have that.

The best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has to offer isn’t always tortilla. Tortilla soup, you were gonna get a lot of things that you can’t get anywhere else. We are really excited for you to try everything on our light menu. Not that you need to keep it light, but if you want to you can. We have a lot of different options, and we’ve already talked about the grilled fish, the Philly cheesesteak bowl and the naked tacos as well as the chips that we have available. The next option that we have available is our grilled chicken breast. We want to keep things simple with this, it is a marinated juicy chicken breast and we serve it with salad and steamed vegetables. It’s only $13 and this is an incredibly healthy meal.

by now, you can see all the different options that we have available on our menu variety as we possibly can. That is why we started the light menu, because people in your group may want to keep a line for the day. So whether you’re looking to keep healthy, or just eat, whatever you want, we have a little bit of everything. We know that you’ll find something on our menu that you enjoy, and we can’t wait for you to come check it out.

For more information www.tortillasoup.com or call at 601-990-2166, we are excited to speak to you, we really can’t wait to tell you about all that we have to offer. We offer the very best customer service and the very best food at an affordable price. We can’t wait for you to experience everything that tortilla soup has to offer. We know that you will love a tortilla soup and you will want to bring friends and family members as long as possible in the future. Continue experiencing great Mexican food, by coming to see us at tortilla soup.