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The most incredible Mexican food Brookhaven MS has to offer is and always will be a tortilla soup. We ‘ve already reviewed multiple cells that we have available, but we actually have a couple more salads for you to check out. We’ve talked about the taco salad, that’s the fried tortilla shell with your choice of meat. We’ve also talked about the brand new, always summer salad, which is fresh mixed greens and strawberries as well as a couple other things. We’ve even talked about the typical house salad, the avocado salad, and the spinach salad, we’ve even mentioned the grilled chicken Caesar salad. But we still have one more salad to go over.

The best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has to offer is and always will be tort. Whenever you check out tortilla soup, we also have one more brand new salad that we have not met yet. This is the fiesta salad. The fiesta salad is marinated grilled chicken along with our signature mango habanero sauce. We thought that all over on top of some fresh mixed greens. We serve it with dried cranberries as well as grape tomatoes. But that’s not all, we also serve it with pineapples, shredded carrots, and even shredded cucumbers. This is only $15 and just like all the other salads, you can add steak or shrimp for an additional charge.

The most incredible Mexican food Brookhaven MS has to offer is tortilla soup. We have already talked about all the appetizers that we have available and even the salad, but now we’re moving onto the tacos. We have some amazing tacos, and you need to try every single one of them. If you have not tried every single one of them, then what are you doing with your life? Make sure that you prioritize a trip in the tortilla soup as quickly as possible, so you can see all the amazing fits that we have available.

Once you try tacos, you will not want to get tacos anywhere else. Our tacos are truly incredible, and you will definitely not regret the decision to order tacos. The first taco that we have available is the Mexican Street taco plate. We give you three Mexican style tacos with corn tortillas. We let you choose your choice of meat, and we top it all off of lettuce and shredded cheese. We serve all this with cilantro, onions, and avocado, cream sauce, as well as some rice and beans. This is a great plate, and we guarantee that you will love it.

Is it www.tortillasoup.com or cause at 601 990-2166. Today is our Brookhaven location, if you have questions for Macomb, you can call that number as well. At the end of the day, we just want you to try our tacos, we guarantee that you will love them. If you have family members who are passionate about it, go ahead and invite them as well, we absolutely guarantee it. We are excited to see you and your friends, so go ahead and make a trip to our restaurant as quickly as possible.

Mexican food Brookhaven MS | All about jalapenos

The only Mexican food offered is tortillas. We already talked about our Mexican taco, we have so many more tacos available for you. We wanna make sure that we have as many tacos as possible, because we wanna be able to accommodate different hepatis, and different sizes of group groups. The next plate that we have is the classic taco plate. This is the soft flour tortillas as opposed to the Mexican corn tortillas. The soft tortillas or hard taco shells, either choice, ground beef or shredded chicken. We have that all off with lettuce, tomato, tomatoes, and shredded cheese. We serve that with rice and beans, as well, because that is the typical Mexican dining experience.

If you were looking for the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has the offer of tortilla soup. We have talked about the classic taco plate in the Mexican street taco plate, so if you’re looking for a little Tex mix, you can go with that classic taco plate, but if you’re looking for a little more of authentic food, go ahead and go with that Mexican street taco place. The next thing that we have available is the party pack. The party pack is brand new and includes a lot of different stuff. The first thing you are gonna get is two steak tacos, after that we will give you two bang, bang tacos, which we will talk about later. We also give you two cases of bur and two grilled chicken tacos, this is a lot of food. So be sure you have an appetite when you order this thing.

If you’re looking for the best Mexican food Brookhaven MS has tortilla soup. If you have out the party pack, you can also see that we offer a cheese dip and your choice of taco shell. The party pack is probably best served for two people, but if you’re incredibly hungry, we feel confident you can probably take this challenge on. This is only 2999, and offers a lot of food. So if you have a big appetite, this is probably a great choice for you.

We are excited to hear from you, so go ahead and make us a priority for your weekend plans. You’ve already seen the party pack. You’ve already seen a classic taco plate in the Mexican street taco plate. You will likely find something that you like. We aren’t even halfway through the taco and You yet and we have already told you about a lot of different options. We guarantee that you will find something you like, and we are excited for you to find that thing. Whenever you do, go ahead and let us know by giving us a testimonial as well and shop.

Www.tortillasoup.com or call us at 601-990-2166 today. If you have questions about our tacos, be sure to give us a call at that number, or you can call us at McComb location as well. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you. We are excited to try what we have on our menu, as well as experiencing our incredible staff and environment that you will see there.