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November 19, 20220

A food processor is that ideal kitchen helper, whether you’re a cook or just getting started in the kitchen. Have you ever heard of this efficient equipment? Here at Mexican restaurant in McComb we tell you all about what it can do for you.

What is a food processor for? 

Is it a blender? A food processor? No, although a food processor shares some functions with those appliances.

Actually a food processor, also called a food processor, is the perfect ally that saves you the work you normally do with your own hands or with knives, rods or other utensils. Basically, the food processor gives you four great advantages:

1.- It means a great saving of time in the different elaborations you need to make your recipes.
2.- It offers a high precision in the processing of food, very difficult to achieve manually.
3.- It is suitable for both sweet and savory recipes, and for raw and cooked foods.
4.- Convenience, since in a single product you have practically everything you need for cooking.

This makes the food processor an ideal choice in different Mexican restaurant in McComb situations: if you usually cook large quantities, if you do not have much time to cook, if, for different reasons, you have less strength or mobility in your hands, if you love the ‘do it yourself’, if you do not want to complicate things, etc.

What are the functions of a food processor?

There are many tasks that you can leave in the hands of your food processor, thanks to the different accessories it incorporates. Take a look!


Chop and slice any food thanks to the metal blades: vegetables, meat, herbs, nuts, fish, etc. Ideal for preparing fillings and sauces.


Easily shreds cheese, vegetables and fruits.


From whipping cream and egg whites to preparing milkshakes and smoothies. This can be done with the whisk or with the pitcher.


Prepare juices for dressings and sauces, or to drink directly.


Thanks to the mixer blades, no dough will resist and no lumps will be left behind: pizzas, cakes, cookies…
However, remember that a food processor does not emit heat, so to finish cooking some of your creations you will have to use the microwave, the oven or the hob.

However, broadly speaking, there are some more or less universal ones.

Some ideas for using your food processor 

As you can see, a food processor is a real all-rounder in Mexican restaurant in McComb. Here are a few ideas of what it can do for you:

  • Want to try the best burger? Choose a quality meat, chop it up and mix it with onions, spices and even cheese.
  • Become the king of sauces: guacamole, hummus, pesto… Chop the ingredients until they emulsify and enjoy.
  • Is the bread you bought stale? Shred it and use your breadcrumbs in multiple recipes.
  • Now it won’t cost you anything to chop the ingredients of a tartar or prepare the filling of a pastry.
  • With whipped cream you can prepare a delicious natural butter.
  • If no grated cheese from the supermarket convinces you, choose the cheese of your choice and grate it in the food processor.
  • Thanks to their lightness, vegetable carpaccios are a great dish for dinner – and now you will enjoy very thin slices!
  • You can cut potatoes quickly and easily, slicing them to your liking. This way, you can make, for example, a delicious potato omelet.
  • The ideal helper for whipping egg whites or cream!

Differences between food processor and blender

As mentioned above, a food processor does not have the same features as a blender but is a much more complete appliance.

Blenders usually have small blades and a tall beaker in which to make blends to prepare various recipes: smoothies, creams, soups, sauces, purees, smothies, etc. With some blenders, such as our glass blenders, you can crush domestic ice and other hard foods such as fruits with peel, nuts, etc.
In short, basically a blender allows you to beat, mix and chop foods, especially when they are mixed with liquids or, at least, generate liquids when they are beaten.

On the other hand, a food processor allows to mix, chop, grate, grind and knead food, to create multiple recipes. However, we must prepare them “dry”, without liquids. In addition, the food processor allows you to select different types of cuts, something that cannot be done with a blender.

You don’t know how you ever lived without a food processor at Mexican restaurant in McComb? Enjoy your recipes like never before!

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