Everything you always wanted to know about tacos al pastor!

May 18, 20230

We tell you everything you always wanted to know about tacos al pastor from our Mexican Restaurant near me in McComb, but never dared to ask.

Do you already know the history of tacos al pastor?

Well, it is said that this delicious dish is of Mexican origin, which you will find in our Mexican Restaurant near me in McComb, since it is a tradition in our country, but the reality is that it was brought by Lebanese, since in that country the shawuarma is made, which could be considered as its first cousin, the difference lies in the fact that this dish is made with lamb meat which is shepherded in grills to prepare them and that is where the name “Al Pastor” comes from, from the term “pastorear” (to shepherd). However, the origin of tacos al pastor is still a topic of discussion, as it is also said that they are from the state of Puebla, from the adaptation of shawarma, but others say that it is similar to gyros from Greece and doner kebab from Turkey and possibly have their common origin in the cuisine of the Ottoman Empire as thousands of people left the regions that made up this Empire in the late nineteenth century in search of a better and new life, arriving in our country individuals from places like Syria and Lebanon bringing elements of their culture and cuisine. And it is also rumored that the children of the first Lebanese migrants decided to give a twist to their favorite dish and that with the passing of time the original recipe was modified, or better said, Mexicanized, and the lamb meat was changed for pork, the vinegar along with the spices was replaced by chili and achiote, and the Arab bread was replaced by tortilla, and a little onion, cilantro, pineapple and salsa was added. To this day in our Mexican Restaurant in McComb we don’t know where the origin of tacos al pastor is from, but it is a fact that Mexico has made them the most delicious on the planet and the favorite of many, that’s why you can find them in the menu of our Mexican Restaurant near me in McComb.

Let’s talk about the Tacos al Pastor Taco Trompo.

Have you ever wondered why it’s called trompo de tacos al pastor? Well we did some research at our Mexican Restaurant near me in McComb and this term is so called because of its structure, because it resembles the traditional Mexican toy “el trompo” as it is formed by thin pork fillets spliced on a vertical spit, previously marinated and seasoned, with which this dish is conformed. It is skewered by stacking them on an iron stake that rotates vertically resembling a spinning top and is cooked slowly rotating in front of a fire, also vertically, the way it is said that shepherds traditionally did it in the countryside, all this procedure is followed to the letter in our Mexican Restaurant in McComb.

The art of sauces for al pastor tacos

Preparing salsa is an essential art of any Mexican, which you will find in our Mexican Restaurant near me in McComb, since it is not a simple decoration or complement when it is time to eat tacos, especially if it is about tacos al pastor, it is the hallmark of Mexican gastronomy and of our Mexican Restaurant in McComb!

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