May 23, 20230

Carnita asada is a tradition that all Mexicans carry in their blood, no matter the day, whether it is Saturday or Sunday, or even during the week! no matter the occasion, you can watch the soccer final or the boxing match of the year, a birthday or the celebration of mother’s or father’s day, show off your culinary skills or just for the pleasure of gathering your favorite people one day and have a great time; of course always accompanied by a few cold beers to liven things up, enjoy a good carne asada with your friends and family at The Best Mexican restaurant near McComb.

A little bit of theory

This tradition was born in the North of the country, where it is even said that carne asada is part of its identity. In states like Nuevo Leon, and especially in Monterrey, it is almost the law to prepare carne asada tacos every weekend in your backyard, garden or even in the garage, here it doesn’t matter the place, the thing is that there is carne asada for everyone. Even in this part of the country there is a Guinness record for the largest carne asada in the world, where more than 40 thousand people attended. The locals say that for a carne asada to be a good one, it must be sewn the old-fashioned way; that is, with direct fire, either with charcoal or firewood, because besides giving the meat a special touch of flavor, the smoke announces that the party is about to begin. And well, no matter where you are in the country or the world, The Best Mexican restaurant near McComb will give you the tips you need to be the king of carnita asada.

Do you know what meat is grilled?

Let’s talk a little bit about the protagonist of this beautiful story at The Best Mexican restaurant near McComb, really in this part you can let your imagination run wild, but here we tell you the most popular beef cuts used to assemble the asada tacos. In the first place, we have the Sirloin, which is characterized for being a soft, juicy and tender cut, and from this same cut comes the T-bone, which has a bone in the shape of a “T” as its name indicates. In second place, we find the Rib for grilling and then the Diezmillo, the Arrachera, the famous New York cut and the delicious and juicy Aguja Norteña. Speaking of letting your imagination run wild, you can complement any cut of meat with Chistorra de res or Chorizo asado, there are even those who recommend accompanying it with a Suadero. Choose the cut or cuts of meat you crave the most and get ready for what’s next at The Best Mexican restaurant near McComb!

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