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May 18, 20230

The taco is one of the most popular dishes in Mexico, that’s why at the Mexican Restaurant in Hammond we take care of preparing them.  It has become so deeply impregnated in its culture that today it is representative of the country on an international level.

What ingredients to put in my taco?

Al pastor, arrachera or sirloin, it doesn’t matter what the main ingredient of your taco is. The side dish is what will bring the dish to life: the vegetables, the sauce, and even the drink! All of these form an essential part within a well-prepared taco order. We are waiting for you at our Mexican Restaurant near me in Hammond so we can give you your perfect taco!

The tortilla:

The Mexican tortilla is soft and served warm, so that it tucks in the ingredients of the taco. At your Mexican Restaurant in Hammond we make it from corn, one of the main legacies of pre-Hispanic cultures.


One of Mexico’s most famous distillates. It comes from Jalisco and is extracted from the blue agave. It is the perfect accompaniment for your tacos. Drink it straight up or enjoy it leisurely.


It doesn’t take more than a few drops to liven up any Mexican dish. Its citrusy flavor makes it the perfect accompaniment to give the necessary balance to your tacos. Don’t be afraid to try how the flavors of lime, salsa and the meat in your tacos mix together.

Hot sauce:

Mexicans accompany almost any food with hot sauce. Tacos are no exception. The options are varied and with different levels of intensity. Pair your tacos with your favorite sauce.


An ingredient that has become essential for taco preparation. Get creative and cut it to your liking. In cubes, half moons, you can even make it guacamole! It’s the ideal topping for your tacos.


It doesn’t matter if it’s white or purple, onion is an ingredient that always goes well with tacos. Make sure it’s well chopped so it mixes well with the meat.

The taco position

You might be surprised to think that there is such a concept as “taco posture,” but this is a much more serious topic. The right posture will make you blend in among the locals while remaining unnoticed. However, it will also allow you to enjoy your taco with as little damage as possible. With the right posture at the Mexican Restaurant near me in Hammond you are guaranteed to keep all the ingredients inside the tortilla (where they belong).

What should you NOT do when eating a taco?

Mexican tacos have a specific identity that makes them different from those you may find in other countries. Elements and characteristics that make them special, loved and desired all over the world. For this reason, at Mexican Restaurant near me in Hammond we respect the proper way to prepare and eat them in a way that does not distort this gastronomic tradition.

Mexican Restaurant near me in Hammond:

If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican Restaurant in Hammond, you’ve come to the right place. Our restaurant offers a wide variety of tacos with different toppings options.

If you are looking for a Mexican Restaurant near me in Hammond come visit us. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional dining experience, where you can enjoy delicious tacos with the ingredients of your choice.

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