The origin of frijoles charros: a northern dish | Tortilla Soup

May 18, 20230

Mexicans love and enjoy good frijoles charros. This dish, which warms the stomach and soul alike, has its origins in the arid areas of Mexico and in The Best Mexican restaurant near Hammond. Learn more about the history of frijoles charros, the quintessential northern delicacy.

Once upon a time in northern Mexico

Researching at The Best Mexican Restaurant near Hammond we discovered that in colonial Mexico, charros were the equivalent of cowboys. They were dedicated to guarding cattle in what is now the north of the country and, many times, they had to improvise to prepare their food with the ingredients they had on hand, which is why we will offer them in our Mexican Restaurant in Hammond.
That is the origin of frijoles charros as a dish. Beans, chiles, sausages and herbs are some of those ingredients that Mexican cowboys had available. This is how they created a soup that could be prepared in clay pots heated directly on the fire, made with beans or Peruvian beans stewed with onion, garlic, chili, bacon, sausage, chorizo, pork and herbs. Containing legumes, meat and fat, the stew was equivalent to a complete meal.
Frijoles charros grew in popularity. It’s hard to draw a line to determine at what point they made the leap, but it was throughout the 20th century that they went from being a homemade dish from northern Mexico to a stew so beloved that it’s prepared in thousands of restaurants across the country, such as at The Best Mexican Restaurant in Hammond.

The Best Mexican restaurant near Hammond

In addition to becoming the perfect accompaniment to carne asada at our Mexican Restaurant in Hammond, frijoles charros are also a favorite side dish for eating tacos of all kinds.
If you’re looking for The Best Mexican Restaurant near Hammond to try authentic frijoles charros, look no further. At our restaurant, we are proud to soon offer this delicious northern specialty, prepared with the freshest ingredients and following traditional recipes. Come and enjoy an authentic culinary experience at The Best Mexican restaurant near Hammond.
We invite you to try our tasty frijoles charros and other Mexican dishes in a cozy and authentic atmosphere!

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